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Alicia Stepp is a fashion and lifestyle photographer based in Dallas, Texas. Her work has been featured in galleries and publications throughout the United States and Europe, garnering awards from the prestigious PX3 and IPA competitions.

Through 20 years of professional experience in photography and design, Alicia has developed a cinematic, narrative style built on the foundational principles of form, color and symmetry. Her ability to perceive the world in these terms - as a pure, interwoven visual experience - allows her to unlock emotionally potent and challenging imagery in common, everyday settings.

Alicia holds a BFA in Photography from the Art Institute of Dallas, and frequently exhibits in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

IPA (2008) PX3 (2008, 2009, 2013)
AI Dallas Storyteller Competition (2010)

Ladygunn, Elléments, Jute, Austere, On, Chicks, Solstice, Envy, 944, D Magazine, PaperCity, The Dapifer, Dallas Observer, Wallflower